As the world focuses more on mindfulness and stress reduction, home saunas have become one of the most sought-after accessories for happiness and holistic health. Technological advancements for at-home saunas have made it easy for families of any size to find a sauna that fits perfectly into their lifestyle. 

Whether you’re looking to enhance your outdoor oasis or upgrade your master bath, there is a home sauna kit that will work for you!

Finding The Best Home Sauna for Your Family

As of 2018, there was already $8 billion invested in home saunas across the US, and that number has only increased since. The growing popularity of outdoor saunas can be justified by the fact that they are a great way to relax and escape without actually having to leave home. Many holistic health studies have shown that sauna bathing is more effective for personal health than anyone had anticipated. 

In addition to the immense relaxation benefits, home saunas can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases like hypertension and stroke while increasing circulatory and immune functions. Home saunas can also be used to quickly alleviate symptoms from chronic and acute issues like arthritis, migraines, or the flu. From indoor to outdoor to portable and mobile, the options for home saunas are becoming limitless. Read on to discover what kind is right for you!


Sizing up Your New Indoor Sauna

While the initial thought of a sauna session might bring about expensive thoughts of cucumber-covered eyelids and sparkling lemon water, healing from home has never been easier or more affordable. Home saunas have brought the restoration and rejuvenation benefits of luxurious spa sessions home for less than an annual gym membership. The best way to reap the benefits of these assets is regular use, so it’s important customers are committed to the idea before choosing to build an indoor home sauna. 

As the designs of indoor saunas become more appealing, homeowners are bringing their saunas out of the bathroom and into the spotlight. Built for vanity, home saunas like our Finlandia Five-Sided Prefab Sauna can be showcased in any home or office space without making it feel like a locker room. These units can be customized with glass doors, double benches, headrests, lighting options, and so much more.

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Upgrade Your Oasis with an Outdoor Sauna

 Adding an outdoor sauna might be the most advantageous option for many consumers with smaller homes and larger lots. Even though indoor saunas have come a long way with size and functionality, the average consumer might be hard-pressed to find enough space for their new sauna indoors. Enhancing your backyard in more ways than one, outdoor saunas bring a sense of serenity and peacefulness to your backyard oasis. Not only will an outdoor sauna save the walls and ceilings of your home, but it will also provide the same benefits of decreasing fibromyalgia pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness. 

In comparison to all of the home renovations necessary to compensate for a new indoor sauna, installing your outdoor sauna will be a breeze. Once the area for the new outdoor sauna has been designated and a waterproof pad has been laid, homeowners should anticipate a quick and easy process for setup. Outdoor sauna kits come equipped with stainless steel hardware, waterproof seals, custom electrical panels, and other weather-resistant accessories. The best-looking outdoor saunas are those that have been incorporated into the overall design of a calm and relaxing backyard area.


What About a Barrel Sauna?

barrel saunaBarrel saunas are quite popular, but there are a few key reasons why we prefer other types of saunas. First and foremost, barrel saunas do not usually have insulated walls or vapor barriers, so they are less energy efficient than other types of saunas. This also makes it harder to maintain an ideal, steady temperature for comfortable sauna bathing. 

Additionally, the shape of barrel saunas makes them prone to leaks over time. As you can imagine, this is especially problematic in colder climates with lots of rain or snow. To prevent leaks, regular maintenance is essential; some people even cover their barrel saunas whenever they are not in use. 

Lastly, when comparing a barrel sauna to a traditional one, users will have to sacrifice some headspace and interior area. For larger families or people who want to have a more social sauna experience, we suggest opting for ones with larger interior space.

Prefabricated, Pre-Cut, or Portable Sauna?

Different types of portable, prefabricated, and pre-cut saunas have become extremely popular over the last few years, so consumers now have a few more decisions to make. 

If you’re considering a portable infrared, we would caution you to think twice. Infrared rooms or cabins are not technically saunas; they only heat to 140 degrees and act more like a microwave. In fact, in Finland, it’s actually prohibited to call an infrared room a sauna. Although these infrared cabins are cheaper than traditional saunas, you definitely get what you pay for. As you can imagine, the radiation presents some health and safety concerns as well. 

If you are looking for a portable sauna to accommodate your lifestyle, we would recommend a prefabricated traditional Finnish sauna instead. These offer the same flexibility, without the downsides and harmful side effects of infrared cabins. And if you are worried about affordability, we offer financing options to help make your sauna dreams come true! Compared to prefabricated saunas, pre-cut saunas are less portable.

Benefits of a Traditional Finnish Home Sauna 

We prefer traditional Finnish saunas for several key reasons: 

  • The high heat (avg about 160degrees to 180 degrees) and low humidity create an environment that promotes all over perspiration and the deepest cleansing of the pores of any bath in the world.  
  • Ten minutes of traditional sauna is like 10 minutes of exercise for the heart.
  • They are very inexpensive to operate. 
  • There is no major upkeep required.  
  • There are no harmful chemicals and no plumbing parts required.
  • There are no moisture problems for other areas of the house or building as it is NOT a steam bath.  
  • The sauna is a self-contained unit, providing great flexibility.   

The traditional sauna can be used as a “dry sauna” or a “wet sauna.”

Loving Your New Home Sauna

The addition of a home sauna should be a positive and exciting experience. The best home sauna will fit into your family’s lifestyle without compromising physical space or headspace.  More and more customizable features are being added every day making it easy for anyone to find the perfect home sauna regardless of their location, style preferences, or personal needs.  Browse our available home sauna kits and see which options work best for you!

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