Service Packages

A Hot Tub Service You Can Count On

Our reliable, top-quality maintenance services will take the stress out of owning a hot tub, so that you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your spa! We guarantee that our thorough and dependable technicians will leave you with crystal-clear water every single time.

Never Stress About Hot Tub Maintenance Again!

Owning a hot tub should add peace and tranquility to your life, not undue stress. With our help, you’ll have a hot tub that’s always sparkling clean and ready to enjoy at a moment’s notice. Aqua Clear has been providing top-rated service and maintenance for hot tubs, swim spa, and pool owners in Central Oregon since 2008, so you can count on our team to keep things clean and clear!

Find Peace and Tranquility
Lead a Healthier Life
Connect with Loved Ones
Worry-Free Maintenance

Weekly Hot Tub Service for Frequent Users

If you use your hot tub frequently, things can get messy quickly. Don’t spend more time cleaning your hot tub than relaxing in it! If you own a vacation home or your family enjoys your hot tub regularly, you’ll likely want to invest in a weekly or twice-weekly hot tub service plan to keep thing sparkling clean
at all times.

Weekly (1x Per Week) Cleaning Service
Chemical Balancing, Leak Checks, & Visual Inspections
Crystal-Clear Water, Every Time

Biweekly Hot Tub Service for Sporadic Users

If your family only uses your hot tub sporadically, a biweekly hot tub service (every other week) may be sufficient to keep things clean and clear. Whenever you do decide to take a relaxing soak, your hot tub will be clean and inviting and you won’t have to deal with any annoying surprises.

Biweekly (2x Per Month) Cleaning Service
Chemical Balancing, Leak Checks, & Visual Inspections
Crystal-Clear Water, Every Time

Monthly Hot Tub Service for Infrequent Users

Even if you travel a lot or rarely use your hot tub, you still want it to be nice and ready to enjoy when you need it. After all, what’s the point of a hot tub that’s unusable? Our monthly hot tub service package will help keep things in peak condition, so that whenever you come home and open the lid, you’ll find
perfectly clear water.

Monthly (1x Per Month) Cleaning Service
Chemical Balancing, Leak Checks, & Visual Inspections
Crystal-Clear Water, Every Time

What do our customers think?

We have grown every year since we started, solely on referrals from our ultra-calm and satisfied customers.

Super helpful staff! Great selection of hot tubs and chemicals. We have one of their green mountain grills and it's amazing!

Amy (Google Review)

After looking all over Central OR for the right hot tub, they had just what we were looking for at the right price. Great installation and service.

Mac (Google Review)

So pleased with the knowledgeable guidance we received in choosing the hot tub to meet our needs. Just as important, the after sale policy continues to care for ANY of our needs!

Carmen (Google Review)

Hot Tub Maintenance Packages for Everyone

Whether you soak in your hot tub every single day or once in a blue moon, we have a service package to meet your needs.

Weekly Maintenance

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$150 / month

Biweekly Maintenance

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$105 / month

Monthly Maintenance

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$65 / month

Weekly Maintenance With Two
Prepaid Valets

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$180 / month

Biweekly Maintenance With Two Prepaid Valets

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$140 / month

Valet Service

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$250 / Service

Jet Clean Valet Service

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$420 / Service

Drain & Refill

$120 / service

Ask us about our premium hot tub and swim spa services. Swim spa and swimming pool services priced after an initial consultation.

How It Works

Get Our Recommendations

Call us or send us some info so we can get an idea of how you use your hot tub. We will make a service plan recommendation based on that information.

Schedule Your Service

Once you have decided on a maintenance plan, we will get you on the schedule as soon as you are ready!

Sit Back & Relax

We will keep you informed about the condition of your hot tub water. We also replace filters, covers, cover lifters, and do repairs, so we will let you know if something needs done that is out of the scope of normal water maintenance and handle it all for you.

Enjoy a Crystal Clear Hot Tub for Years to Come
With Aqua Hot Tubs, you will be supported by pros who have first-hand experience with your tub if a mechanical issue comes up and who go “above and beyond” to ensure your hot tub is always clear and ready to enjoy.