Considering a salt water hot tub? They’re growing in popularity, but are they really all they’re cracked up to be? Let’s take a closer look… 

Why Would Someone Choose a Salt Water Hot Tub? 

Salt water hot tubs are favored by some hot tub owners because they promote a more natural feel, use fewer harsh chemicals, and produce less lingering odors compared to traditional hot tub water treatments. 

That being said, there are some problems with salt water hot tubs that you need to be aware of before deciding to make the switch. There are also some great alternatives that provide similar results! 

If you’re looking for a hot tub for sale and are trying to decide between salt water and chlorine, carefully consider these pros, cons, and alternatives and contact us with any questions. 

Salt Water Hot Tub Pros and Cons

Salt water provides some great health and environmental benefits, but can also cause serious damage to your hot tub. We recommend that you carefully weigh these pros and cons before making a decision: 

The Pros 

  • Salt water hot tubs are known to provide the same level of sanitation, but with fewer harsh chemicals. This makes them safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional hot tub treatments. Contrary to popular belief though, salt water systems do still require some chemical manipulation and usually use at least some chlorine.
  • Salt water hot tub systems leave no lingering odors behind. Without the overuse of chemicals and built-up chemical residue, bathers aren’t surprised by an unpleasant odor under the cover. 
  • Salt water hot tubs require less drainage. Chlorine systems require that you drain them 2-3 times a year

The Cons 

  • Salt water hot tub systems tend to be more expensive upfront than chlorine hot tubs. 
  • Salt is a catalyst for rust and corrosion, so salt water hot tubs can corrode certain uncoated elements and cause damage to the hot tub. Salt water tub owners must pay attention to their salinity levels and wipe down vulnerable elements as necessary after use. 
  • Salt water hot tubs require specific maintenance and TLC. For example, if water temperatures fall below 60 degrees, salt water systems have a difficult time producing adequate chlorine, which can cause bacteria to form. Balancing the chemicals in your salt water hot tub can become difficult if regularly scheduled maintenance is not a priority. 


The Problem with Salt Water Hot Tub Conversion Kits

Converting your chlorine hot tub to a salt water hot tub can be done in one of two easy ways: drop-in chlorinators or in-line chlorinators. Drop-in chlorinators are just that: chlorinators that hot tub owners can drop in and forget about, at least for a little. Other than possibly having to deal with the sight of a cord hanging out of the side of your tub, they don’t require any alterations to your current tub; just a nearby outlet. In-line chlorinators require professional help and must be spliced directly into the internal plumbing system of your current tub. Both types of chlorinators use low levels of electricity to remove the chloride from the sodium chloride, or salt; the only difference is your preference. 

However, before deciding to convert your hot tub to a salt water tub, be sure to verify what is—and what is not—covered under the tub manufacturer’s warranty. Many hot tub manufacturers will decline warranty coverage if conversion kits are used or if any damage to the hot tub’s internal components result from the use of salt water. Fortunately, there’s a great alternative that will keep your warranty intact and provide all the same benefits of a salt water system… 

Want All the Salt Water Hot Tub Benefits Without the Corrosion? 

While the benefits of saltwater are undeniable and the conversion process is simple, there’s still an easier, more stress-free way to achieve soft and odorless hot tub water! 

Millions of hot tub owners from the Netherlands to Spain, the USA, and Ireland have taken advantage of the amazing benefits that come from using O’Care for their tub. With 1 box and only 2 ingredients, O’Care has taken the burden of chemical balancing from mystical to manageable. 

Chlorine and bromine both play a role in the feel of your hot tub water. Using up to 78% less of either chemical, O’Care makes your hot tub water feel less slimy, less smelly, and overall more organic. While O’Care not only provides its users with safe, soft, odorless water, it also removes and prevents sediment build-up, it decreases hot tub component wear, and makes water balancing a breeze. Lasting for up to 5 months, O’Care’s proprietary mineral mixture reduces the amount of chemicals needed each month while still providing the standard: soft, clean, crystal clear water.  

Overall, O’Care provides all the benefits of a salt water hot tub without the corrosion to pipes and mechanics of the tub. Plus, unlike salt water, O’care can be used in any hot tub or swim spa, without the need for a conversion kit. 

salt water hot tub benefits

Have More Salt Water Hot Tub Questions? 

As hot tub maintenance experts, we’re here to help you choose the very best treatment for your hot tub. We want your hot tub experience to be as healthy and enjoyable as possible, so we only sell safe hot tub chemicals and products we would use in our own homes. Check them out on our website and contact us with any questions you may have!

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